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CORA's trail expansion projects are progressing at an unprecedented pace, thanks to our hard-working members and generous supporters! Improvements and maintenance are ongoing, and we are actively expanding our trail network around the region. Take a look at our biggest active projects below and become a part of the success. Donate or join/renew your membership today!

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Projects in the Works

Mount Airy Skills Park & Flow Trail
Mount Airy Skills Park & Flow Trail
Mount Airy Skills Park & Flow Trail
Mount Airy Skills Park & Flow Trail
Mount Airy Skills Park & Flow Trail
Mount Airy Skills Park & Flow Trail
Mount Airy Skills Park & Flow Trail
Mount Airy Skills Park & Flow Trail

Mount Airy Skills Park
and Flow Trail
Cincinnati, OH

CORA, in collaboration with the Cincinnati Parks Foundation and Cincinnati Parks, is proud to support the construction of the Mount Airy Bike Skills Park. This exciting initiative involves partnering with Progressive Bike Ramps, renowned for their inclusive courses, to design the park.

The Cincinnati Park Board has allocated funds for over half of the project, which will include essential amenities such as a comfort station with flush toilets and sinks, as well as an ADA-compliant concrete pathway along the skills area.

Located centrally in Mount Airy, the park offers easy accessibility for residents from across the city. This urban site presents a unique opportunity to engage an underserved and diverse community.

The project's planning phase will commence this fall, with the goal of breaking ground next year. The project partners are grateful for all of the community's interest and energy and are excited to bring this new amenity to Mount Airy Forest!


Fully Funded!
$40,000 from Cincinnati Parks Foundation
$400,000 from Cincinnati Park Board
$61,722 from CORA

Nagel Middle School
Nagel Middle School
Nagel Middle School
Nagel Middle School
Nagel Middle School
Nagel Middle School
Nagel Middle School

Nighthawk Bike Skills Park Nagel Middle School
Anderson Township, OH

Utilizing 31 mountain bikes acquired through a Riding for Focus Grant from the Outride Foundation, Nagel Middle School Wellness Teacher Brian Weaver started a successful biking program for students on school grounds during Academic Flex Time. With Coach Weaver's guidance, Cincinnati Off-Road Alliance will add to this resource, creating an on-campus, kid focused skills area open to the public outside of school hours.

The Nighthawk Bike Skills Park will create a space for students to challenge themselves while learning skills to navigate the woods, rocks, and varying terrain on a bike. In addition, the Riding for Focus program provides a big step toward leading youth into a lifelong sport that will maintain health, mental well-being, and focus. Having these types of amenities in the region also helps retain talent for their parents and guardians in the workforce. Employees often cite that considering locations with resources like this nearby is a meaningful perk of working in the area.

Special thanks to The Forest Hills Foundation for Education, Sutphin Family Foundation, Mercy Health, Total Quality Logistics, and The Ben Kimble Foundation, and over 100 individual donors for generous contributions to this project thus far, $51,000 is secured, leading to funding of Phase I. Wooden trail features for this phase are in production with American Bike Ramps, and due to arrive in Spring 2024. The second phase of this project will be made possible through state funding and will establish this as a regional hub for outdoor recreation. Similarly to the wildly successful Gator’s Bike Park in Columbus, this will be transformative for kids and teens to be active outdoors and build skills on a bike.


Stage 1: $50,000

Hueston Woods
Hueston Woods

Hueston Woods College Corner, OH

The five-year expansion of the mountain bike trails into the acreage north of the Service Road is complete with 7.5 miles of singletrack.

Upcoming projects will add little mileage, but create some huge connections. The Campground Loop across from the cabin will add a .75 mile "easy" section, including an alternate creek crossing route in lieu of traveling across the covered bridge. A new .75 mile “Top-of-the-Levee” section will be added and several other potential additions and improvements to the Equisetum Trail.

Fox Run

Fox Run Independence, KY

CORA is excited to work with Kenton County Parks and Recreation to develop new trails at the Fox Run Park. Originally a golf course, the park was purchased using Land Water Conservation Funds more than two decades ago.

Kenton County Parks and Recreation Department hired Human Nature and Dirt Artisans to collaborate on the Master Plan. In conjunction, CORA is working to identify ways to link nearby neighborhoods and existing greenspace to Fox Run and Lincoln Ridge Parks. Connecting communities maximizes the health and economic benefits to the community. Fox Run Park is currently open for passive recreation, including hiking, fishing, biking, wildlife observation, and walking from dusk to dawn.

Planning is underway and is expected to conclude in 2021. Follow Kenton County and CORA to stay up to date.

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Where your money has gone

Caesar Creek

Caesar Creek Waynesville, OH

The Caesar Creek Trail Crew constructed three new miles of beginner-friendly trails in partnership with Ohio State Parks. The new trail is adjacent to the campground and easily accessible, enticing campers to get into the outdoors!

Enhanced Navigation! Simultaneously, thanks to a gift from The Thomas A. Gockel Family Fund, the trail crew upgraded wayfinding signage to improve navigation for new trail users and out-of-town visitors.

We are very grateful for the contributions of the State of Ohio DNR, Mark Allen, DJ Crowe, Jeff Cyrus, Jim Southward, the Eagle Scouts, and all of our dedicated CORA volunteers for improving the Caesar Creek experience for the entire community.

Tower Park

Tower Park Fort Thomas, KY

Innovative Dirt Solutions completed Twin Wells trail rebuild – go check it out!

Historically, Tower Park has been known as one of the most challenging CORA trails. Runoff and drainage issues along with a sliding hillside have changed the trails over the years. As a result, the original ADA-accessible path has become very tough to navigate, and virtually all trails at Tower became expert-only.

Improving Accessibility & Trail Sustainability

Enter Marie and Brian Bozeman, Liv Birkenhauer, the Tower stalwarts Mike and Dana Lerhter, and other volunteers. This team is leading the charge to re-work the trails, making them more accessible for the whole community to enjoy. Part of the plan is to armor specific trails with gravel to create all-weather trails.

Twin Wells / Lee Battery Row Re-work:

Fully Funded

$2,500 Membership
$2,000 City Funds
$1,500 In-Kind Donation from Innovative Dirt Solutions

Devou Park

Devou Park Covington, KY

Greenways and trails can be catalysts for community revitalization, transforming eyesores such as abandoned rail corridors or neglected waterfronts into community centerpieces. Community trails often become a focus of community pride and a means of preserving and celebrating what is special about a community. (

Considered one of the region’s best mountain biking destinations, Devou Park saw this kind of revitalization while building multi-use trails there.

In the past, Devou Park had a reputation for being a scary place. Our trails reduced illicit use of the park significantly, almost totally eliminating inconspicuous spaces. By daylighting the spaces and circulating mountain bikers, hikers and runners throughout the park, it became a place for recreation where safety concerns are no longer a main consideration in visiting.

Now it’s an award winning destination that brings pride, improves local property values, and helps our region with talent retention.Generous financial contributions from our community have been critical to the success of this project and have enabled us to work with the City of Covington to subsequently secure a $97,000 grant from the RC Durr Foundation and $53,000 from the Devou Park Advisory Council. As a result, new trails will be built soon. Thank you to all CORA members and supporters.

Fully Funded

$97,000 RC Durr
$53,000 Devou Park Advisory Council
$50,000 CORA Contributions

Other Projects in the Works

East Fork Mountain Bike Hub Clermont County, OH

The proposed mountain bike trail expansion would provide direct connectivity to the towns of Williamsburg via the existing, paved Williamsburg-Batavia Hike/Bike Trail. With access from multiple locations outside East Fork Lake State Park, this trail expansion on State of Ohio lands becomes an expansive addition to the municipal recreation offerings.

The 7-mile trail project plan consists of several trails connecting to the campground loops and the Williamsburg-Batavia Trail, which will act as the system's spine. At the midpoint of the Williamsburg-Batavia, a progressive mountain bike park consisting of four beginner to expert downhill lines and an artistic starting hub will overlook the lake. The entire trail system expansion will be modern and progressive, ideally suited for all abilities, and peppered with mountain bike skills development features.

Adding to the existing backcountry-style hiking, equestrian, and mountain bike trails at East Fork, this expansion will directly serve towns and campers visiting the park and cement the area as a multi-use recreation destination. These trails will bring a positive economic, health, and livability impact to Clermont County’s disadvantaged communities and strengthen the link between Greater Cincinnati and the Appalachian region for increased tourism and investment which will help to bolster the economy in the region.


Sargeant Park Dayton, KY

CORA is excited to work with the City of Dayton, KY and Groundwork Ohio River Valley to make this urban trail come to fruition. Recipient of a L'Oreal Foundation Watershed improvement grant and a Recreational Trails Project (RTP) grant from the Commonwealth of Kentucky, this park will be an excellent destination for local youth and families as volunteers work to remove honeysuckle and build new trails.

Resident volunteers and CORA members have helped with clearing some of the existing trail corridors. Meanwhile, CORA has been working with the Dayton Park Board to gather community input on the park's design. With luck, construction will begin in 2022!


Sixth Street Trails Newport, KY

Long seen as a golden opportunity for a year-round, dirt-jump mecca, Newport’s Sixth Street is well underway! CORA Membership dollars have been used for equipment rentals to move existing dirt and gravel piles while volunteers sculpt massive berms and jumps.

The Sixth Street Trails proposed project includes a cross-country course, a BMX dirt jump area, a skills course, a kids' pump track, wood features, and dirt berms! Look for updates on Facebook.


Great Parks
of Hamilton County

In May of 2021, Great Parks of Hamilton County published its completed, comprehensive Master Plans which included priorities for building additional multi-use trails. The new Parks & Facility Master Plan identifies new opportunities in each park more precisely.

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Fairfield and Harbin Park Fairfield, OH

The City of Fairfield continues to refine their Master Plan for Harbin Park. In the interim, lead Trail Steward Alex Maier has designed multiple extensions and reroutes within the park. Once the plan is finalized, he will polish his lines for trail construction. Alex is also working to replace and improve wayfinding signage on the trails.

The City of Fairfield has also identified a space for a beginner trail near the Joyce Park BMX Track and is working to obtain grants for construction.

Little Miami Trail Network Little Miami RFQ Award

CORA along with project partners Great Parks, Cincinnati Parks, Anderson Township and Anderson Park District worked with Applied Trails Research to plan what is the first large scale multiple ownership natural surface multi-use trail in the region.

Dr Jeremy Wimpey, adjunct professor of Recreational Ecology at Virginia Tech and Penn State and Scott Linnenburger, both preeminent experts in the field of trails, have created an opportunity study for the Little Miami Natural Surface Trail Corridor. These are the same experts who designed the Baileys Trails in Southeast Ohio, the Duluth Traverse Trail Master Plan, the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, the Fayette County, WV Soft Trails Master Plan, and the Iron Range Destination Trail Systems in Minnesota.

We are excited to have the opportunity to bring their ecologically-minded recreational trail expertise to the Cincinnati area to create a plan for world-class trails as we look to move forward with prioritizing opportunities.

Stonelick State Park Edenton, OH

CORA partnered with ODNR to identify an opportunity to activate the campground and lakeside areas at Stonelick State Park with shared-use trails. We’ve just learned that this project is moving forward!

Located in Edenton, Ohio, the hike and bike trail will surround the lake there and include a loop around the campground. CORA created design plans for the project and will continue to be involved alongside the Ohio Outdoor Corps. In the near future, when complete, our region will see 10 new miles of shared-use trails!

Goltra Preserve Nature Trails East Westwood, Cincinnati, OH

CORA has worked with nonprofit organization Groundwork Ohio River Valley and the East Westwood community of Cincinnati to break ground on trails at the Goltra Preserve, situated on Hillside Trust property. This project will interconnect the neighborhood of East Westwood with pedestrian and bike-friendly routes, and it will provide an exceptional space for outdoor recreation - something that has been severely lacking in the community. The trails at Goltra are proximal and will provide faster routes to Mt. Airy Forest, the largest of the Cincinnati Parks at over 1,400 acres, exponentially increasing access to thoughtful and sustainable outdoor recreation in the region.

Clear Creek Bike Park Anderson Park District, Hamilton County, OH

The Clear Creek Bike Park will be connected to the abundance of bike trail assets from Great Parks of Hamilton County, Cincinnati Parks, Cincinnati Recreation Commission, Anderson Park District, Anderson Township, and the City of Newtown. Once established, the Clear Creek Bike Park will be the heart of Little Miami River Valley Outdoor Recreation Corridor, which connects to hundreds of miles of paved bike trails. This will create a transformative, dynamic, and accessible regional trail system in southwestern Ohio and establish a resource unparalleled anywhere else in the country.

Bike Parks are fun and approachable planned areas where riders try different obstacles in a controlled environment to build better bike handling skills. This open, designed space is highly conducive to building confidence on a bike, especially for those who haven’t had many safe chances to try riding. Everyone can use bike parks, from tots on balance bikes, teens on BMX bikes, everyone on mountain bikes, scooters, unicycles, and other wheeled sports.

With support from regional stakeholders, including The Harold C Schott Foundation and the Brad & Martha Lindner Family, CORA and nationally renowned Applied Trails Research have completed an initial natural surface trail feasibility assessment study that includes several opportunities in the valley. The Clear Creek Bike Park is one of these recreational vignettes. Clear Creek will have a large paved pump track and a small one for toddlers and young kids. There will also be progressive paved slopestyle, flow trails, and fun trail features lining the paved Little Miami Trail.

The overall project aims to increase the amount and variety of recreation opportunities in the National and State Scenic Little Miami River valley. The paved greenway system throughout the valley will be used as a "spine" linking the Little Miami Trail, natural surface trails, and river access points. This will provide an entry point for families and newcomers to explore natural assets. Additionally, it will serve the under-represented and under-served population of Greater Cincinnati with bike-friendly access via the Little Miami Trail.

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