CORA Board President Announcement

Cincinnati Off-Road Alliance has enjoyed the leadership of some fantastic past presidents, including, most recently, Brady Delong. Unfortunately, Brady has recently stepped down from this role due to the demands of his career. Today, I am truly humbled and grateful to announce that I’m taking the opportunity to serve as President of the Board of Cincinnati Off-Road Alliance. 

This amazing organization finds itself in a great position of steadfast growth in 2023. We would not be in this position without the countless volunteer hours of our mountain bike community over the past few decades. We are riding on the backs of the giants, building on the good work they’ve accomplished to bring more trails to our region! Our members and volunteers are essential to the success of CORA and have dug (in some cases - by hand!) the way for us to elevate the brand and the vision of the organization.  

When you think about the history of mountain biking, our focus has been on creating more trails so that we, the mountain bike community, have a place to ride. CORA’s trail network currently boasts 115+ miles of multi-use trails in the tri-state area. Thanks to earlier CORA visionaries, we are now in a position to think bigger and begin attracting attention from our regional partners that can help tell our story.

The trails that CORA envisioned, designed, built and now maintain offer a wider community of users safe, sustainable access to the outdoors. Subsequently, their popularity has grown, even among non-mountain bikers. The benefits of not only our sport but also recreating outdoors are evident to us all. We want to share the positive impacts they have on the community at large and its people.

On a personal note, I want this region to be the place that my children never want to leave in search of another town that they believe is more dynamic and cool. And I want others to experience the life-giving joy that my family and I find when we recreate together in nature. Because of these reasons, I see an opportunity to take our work a step further now. We can advance our region as an outdoor destination by continuing to activate the incredible existing natural landscape close to our city center.

Studies confirm that trails are essential to generating vibrant communities, tourism, economic vitality and talent attraction. As Board President of CORA, I aim to demonstrate how trails are community-defining features that enhance the broader experience of life in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. To me, success means we’ve aligned our vision with that of our regional partners so that we all share the story of trails creating a more connected and engaged outdoor community. In doing so together,  we will attract business, retain talent and create a worthy travel destination in our region. And, most importantly, we’ll build more trails close to home.

Now is the time to elevate CORA and our vision to garner the attention it deserves - not because it serves the mountain bike community, but because it will benefit the entire region. I am honored to be the person to carry this torch and lead the way in this next chapter.

Thank you for trusting me, and I look forward to working with you to make this vision a reality!

- Brian Bozeman
   CORA Board President 

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