2024 Look Ahead

As we approach the end of the year, we are thrilled about the plans we have in store for 2024! From trail planning and construction to advocacy and stewardship, it promises to be an incredible year. Here's a sneak peek into some of the exciting initiatives on the horizon.

The Goltra Trails project has been a focal point for us in the second half of this year, and we're eager to make more progress and open up trails for the community. Covering just under 3 miles within East Westwood near Mt. Airy Forest, these are designed as true “green” trails, offering a user-friendly experience for hikers, as well as beginner and intermediate mountain bikers. The trails will also enhance connectivity in the community, linking several areas and providing a more direct and pedestrian or bike-friendly alternative. We're making great strides, and we anticipate opening this space for everyone to enjoy by the fall of 2024.

Another exciting endeavor nearing completion in early 2024 is the first phase of the Nagel Bike Park Project. This resource will complement the Riding for Focus program at Nagel Middle School, offering a dedicated space for both students and the community at large to practice and enhance their bike skills. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of wooden skills features, maybe even within the next few weeks, and aim to have the park open within the first half of the year. Bike skills parks, as demonstrated by the success of the Premier Health Bike Park in Lebanon, Ohio, and other cities across the county, can be transformative for communities, and we're excited to make this resource more accessible in our region.

These initiatives represent just a snapshot of our ongoing work, and we hope you share our excitement for these impactful additions. Your support during our end-of-year giving campaign has already made a significant impact, doubling automatically thanks to a generous member of our community. This support will go a long way in finalizing the Goltra Trails and Nagel Bike Park projects, as well as advancing other important initiatives on the trails and behind the scenes. From all of us at CORA, thank you, and happy New Year! 

Support our mission to create more resources like the Goltra Trails and Nagel Bike Park by contributing to CORA. Until the year's end, every donation will be matched dollar for dollar, doubling the impact of your gift, thanks to a generous community member. Your support empowers us to identify, plan, and develop additional spaces, fostering the growth of outdoor culture in our region. Together, we aim to build a vibrant and interconnected trail system that unites communities, making the outdoors accessible to everyone. From all of us at CORA, thank you, and happy New Year!

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